Start Your Day with The Cavendish's Sumptuous Breakfast

At The Cavendish in Scarborough, we believe that a great day begins with a great breakfast. Our extensive menu caters to every taste and dietary preference, ensuring our guests start their mornings on a delightful note.

Your day at The Cavendish begins with freshly brewed tea or coffee brought straight to your table, featuring a range of Twinings herbal and flavoured teas and decaffeinated options. We also offer a self-serve station, where you can help yourself to fruit juices, a refreshing fruit salad, a variety of cereals, and an array of dried fruits and nuts. Choose from favourites like Cornflakes, Weetabix, Granola, Muesli, or indulge in our hearty Scots oats porridge.

A selection of jams, marmalade, Marmite, and honey are also available at the sideboard, adding a sweet or savoury touch to your breakfast.

Looking for a hearty morning meal? Try ‘The Cavendish Full House’—a platter filled with eggs prepared to your liking, sausage, bacon, mushrooms, tomato, hash browns, black pudding, and baked beans. For a lighter option, our three-egg omelette, Smashed Avocado on Toast, and Herby Eggy Bread make for perfect choices.

If you’re in the mood for a gourmet start, our Eggs Benedict, Eggs Royale, or Scrambled Egg & Oak-Smoked Salmon won’t disappoint. We also cater to our vegan guests with ‘The Cavendish Vegan Full House’ – a mouth-watering combination of Linda McCartney sausages, mushrooms, tomato, baked beans, and hash brown.

Various milk options are available to cater to all dietary preferences, including oat, soya, almond, and lacto-free. We take special care to ensure guests with food allergies and intolerances feel welcomed. Many items on our menu are suitable for vegetarian, vegan, and coeliac diets, and gluten-free options are also available.

Every breakfast at The Cavendish is an invitation to enjoy a symphony of flavours, meticulously prepared to make your mornings exceptional. So, sit back, relax, and let our breakfast offerings delight your palate and set the tone for a wonderful day exploring Scarborough.

Breakfast Menu

we will bring tea or coffee to your table

Twinings herbal & flavoured teas
decaffinated tea & coffee

please help yourself to:

fruit juice, fresh fruit salad, cereals
dried fruits & nuts
Scots Oats Porridge (on request)

Blueberry Wheats (vegan)
Mesa Sunrise (gluten free)

jam, marmalade, marmite, honey
(available from the sideboard)

The Cavendish Full House
(fried or poached)
black pudding
baked beans

3 egg Omelette
cheese, ham, mushroom, tomato, plain
or any combination

Smashed Avocado on Toast or Sourdough
with 2 poached eggs & tomato

Eggs Benedict
served on a warm muffin or sourdough with bacon, poached eggs & topped with hollandaise sauce & fresh pea shoots

Eggs Royale
served on a warm muffin or sourdough with salmon, 2 poached eggs & topped with hollandaise sauce & fresh pea shoots

Scrambled Egg & Oak-smoked Salmon
with a wedge of fresh lemon

Herby Eggy Bread
with optional tomato, mushrooms or beans

Scrambled Egg on Toast

The Cavendish Vegan Full House!
2 Linda McCartney sausages
baked beans

Various milk options

lacto free

Food Allergens & Intolerances

Some items on this menu are also suitable for vegetarian, vegan & coeliac diets
please speak to us about the ingredients in your breakfast when making your order if you have any concerns.

Gluten free options are available

*please enjoy your breakfast*